Bridging Finance, Asset Finance, Unsecured Loans, Re-Mortgages, Merchant Cash Advances, Crowd Funding, Commercial Finance - confused yet?

There seems to be a whole new world of financing options available to businesses and as the Banks have generally taken a step back from the market so new and innovative lenders have taken their place.

But it can be a minefield. Professional advice and careful consideration are needed to ensure you get the best deal available.


It seems every year that the cost of doing business gets higher and higher.

Everyone has felt the impact of higher energy prices but did you know you can now select from across the market and in some cases even get the energy companies to bid for your business?

Our associates are experts in this field and can also help with fixing energy prices ahead of a rise.


Also with water deregulation coming in from April 2017, there is another way that businesses can reign in their costs.


Executive Management activity for small and medium enterprises can be exhausting. Generally, there are multiple skills required and only one or two of you to complete all these tasks.


You can’t be an expert in everything and keep the business running!


Sometimes you need a helping hand. Someone you can call and rely on for sound, sensible advice. Someone with experience who understands the pressure of running a business like yours. Someone to help you find the answers, the solutions to the challenges you face on a daily basis.


Running a business has a myriad of operational requirements and dependencies.


At Clerik we have found that most business owners and directors are frequently frustrated with the operational solutions they are maintaining and procuring. Finding reliable and robust suppliers for your operational requirements takes up valuable time and effort. However it’s a necessity if you have no other resources to engage or assist in that process.


Clerik have spent many years building relationships with reputable suppliers to help our clients remove the pain of poorly performing and over-priced suppliers. There are many operational solutions such as Document Management, Health & Safety, Energy Services and Building Management that need managing however not at the cost of driving revenue or the consumption of the owners and directors precious time.


Let Clerik take the strain of these dependencies and help you stay focused on what’s important.


Clerik believe that strategic planning is crucial to the long-term success of your business and that strategy development is a continuous process.

We do not subscribe to a rigid process and are flexible in our approach. Our planning and strategy includes the following processes:


  • Input from staff, volunteers and other stakeholders such as service users and partners.

  • Horizon scanning in order to understand what’s happening now in the external environment and what could be emerging in the future

  • Organisational Strengths Review to identify internal strengths and weaknesses

  • Development of strategic options supported by robust research and financial modelling

  • Development of organisational goals over an agreed timeframe which are realistic and achievable

  • Identification of strategies for achieving the identified goals

  • Agreement to success measures/KPIs and how you will measure progress

  • Link the financial plan to mirror the strategic plan


Following the development of a strategic plan, you may find yourself with a range of actions to be implemented to meet your new strategy. Clerik will support your implementation including:

  • Annual planning and annual reviews

  • Marketing and communications plans

  • Income generation strategies

  • Merger and acquisition advice and facilitation

  • Exit strategy and grooming

  • IT/digital planning

  • Organisational restructures to align staff teams with the new strategy

  • Governance reviews, skills audits, recruitment and performance reviews


We can provide you with support and assistance to suit your team and  capabilities ensuring you have the expertise your organisation needs to develop a strategy that works for you.


A recent survey of small and medium sized businesses asked what their key challenges were, 79% said finding new customers. This was by far and away the main challenge facing them.


We have the experience and expertise to help overcome this key challenge. Whether its constructing a strategic marketing plan, providing effective sales analysis, website design or specific projects, we have the answers.


These solutions are available as a stand alone offering or as part of our wider Working in Partnership Program.


Its become a bit of a cliche but a company's greatest asset is its people.

Richard Branson said 'If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple.'

The market for this is developing every year. It includes financial products - life insurance etc, staff discount schemes, through to active health campaigns supported by employers.


This last innovation also directly benefits the business with improved motivation and engagement from staff and less sickness and absenteeism.