You want to maximise the income of your business, while at the same time you’re striving to keep costs under control. The average company loses an estimated 10%-15% of their operating costs through waste and inefficiencies.


We developed our Cost Review Exercise to help deal with operational inefficiencies:​


  • We identify where waste and inefficiencies occur in your business​

  • We prioritise the areas to tackle first​

  • We set the actions needed to cut out these wastes and inefficiencies​

  • We help make your business more streamlined.​

  • Value-building and succession planning​

Clerik have a number of ways to achieve this starting with the company P&L and working through each relevant line to complete a cost comparison. We also look at potential grants as a capital expense which lead to savings. ​ There is a huge range of cost and services. One size definitely doesn’t fit all and with the speed of change it makes sense to check that your provider still has your best interest in mind.


Clerik have developed an operating framework for our clients called Working in Partnership Programme (WIPP). This ensures we deliver a remarkable service. We work in partnership with clients and act as an extension of their team. 


Benefits of WIPP

  • We retain and grow your client base

  • We maintain and increase profitability

  • We save you time

  • We help reduce administration, allowing you to focus on delivery

  • We assess your risk and allow you to manage it knowledgeably

  • We provide a supplier review to help you manage costs and increase profits

  • We provide executive support – giving you experience ‘on tap’

  • We create space for you to see opportunities and adapt your strategy accordingly

In addition to our 6 core services, our WIPP clients will benefit from:

  • Quarterly visit from a CBS Consultant

  • Ongoing reactive / proactive consultancy

  • Access to all CBS solutions

  • Annual review / Value Statement

  • Availability for Board Meetings if required

  • Proactive advice re legal / regulatory change

  • Additional services available to your employees

  • Regular communications and informative newsletter

  • Coaching / Mentoring to main contact as required


Many small businesses have made great strides in mitigating risk to their business, but how often does this get reviewed? ​

  • Health & Safety​

  • Fire Regulations​

  • HR Policies​

  • Third Party Risk​

  • IT & Cyber attacks​

  • Trademark – Patent- IP​

These are just a selection of areas that require risk management. Clerik are perfectly placed to assist and take away the worry in these various areas of risk.  As President John F Kennedy said in 1962, “the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”.


Time management matters and provides a platform  allowing you to be  persistently resourceful. Our 3 Step Programme provides ​

  • Analysis​

  • Understanding​

  • Transform​

Whatever your situation, these three steps are sure to increase your business efficiency, help you meet your goals quicker, and contribute to maintaining healthy growth throughout your organisation. 


Clerik continuously asses the latest financial government programmes and by assessing your company we can assist with the process and application for any eligible fund. Clerik assess:​

  • Comprehensive list of grants from all over the UK​

  • Broken down by region and sector​

  • Fund type and business size ​

We explain each grant with the information needed to see if it can apply to your project.


Whether they’re commercial or personal, every company has priorities and goals. It’s our job to help you identify those and make them happen and through a series of planning sessions, we giving you:​

  • Greater control over your future​

  • A clearer succession plan​

  • Increased freedom from your business​

  • A higher return on your investment, or increased revenue​

  • Improved team morale and productivity​

  • Profit improvement​


Our strategic work focuses on detailed and effective action planning, which means you will receive support and guidance to help you realise your aspirations. ​


Driving up revenue seems straight forward but involves serious analysis to determine what the issues really are. Common issues are:​

  • Lack of repeat business​

  • Lack of new customer / client enquiries​

  • Low sales conversion of leads​

  • Little or no digital footprint​

  • Losing out to the competition​

  • Pricing v Profitability​

We will work with you to identify what the real issues are and then help you plan your sales and marketing activities to increase effectiveness and ultimately revenue.​